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Support for Children with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEN Report) 2021 2022


 All Schools are required to publish a Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Information Report. Please find details of ours below: 

1. Crossens Nursery School is a purpose built inclusive school, we welcome all children and families irrespective of any additional needs they may have. We will work with other agencies and professionals to ensure we have the necessary skills and resources to meet each child’s learning and development needs.


  2. Our Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Policy sets out how we identify, assess and plan to meet the needs of children identified as not making sufficient progress or as having additional needs. In some cases children will already have had any additional needs identified before they start attending Nursery School, perhaps at or before birth or at one of the Health Visitor checks. As we may be the first educational setting accessed by the child and family, it is also likely that additional needs may be identified by Nursery School staff. The person with responsibility for the co-ordination of provision to support children with Special Educational Needs and Disability, also referred to as our SEND Co-ordinator, is Mrs Beth Brice. Parents wishing to find out more about SEND provision at Crossens Nursery School are actively invited to speak to Mrs Brice our Headteacher who can be contacted on 01704 228624.


3. Our Accessibility Plan (See Disability Access Plan on our website) sets out the steps taken by school leaders to secure access by pupils and families with disabilities. 
4. When it is identified that a child may have barriers to learning or additional needs parents / carers will be invited to a consultation meeting with their child’s Key Worker and the Nursery SEND Co-ordinator to agree a plan of action that will be focused on supporting the child to make progress in the areas of concern.  


5. We will also make arrangements to consult with children in order to ensure that their views are taken into account. Given the age of the children in Nursery School, this consultation may take the form of observations focused on the identification of the kinds of activities that interest the child. Where appropriate it will involve discussion with the child about what their strengths, areas for development and interests.  


6. Arrangements for assessing and reviewing children’s progress towards outcomes, will be planned at appropriate intervals. The timescale will depend on the nature of the targets set, but will be around 6 weeks. Children and their parents will have the opportunity to take part in this review. Data analysis and consultation with parents enables us to evaluate the effectiveness of our SEND provision (see section 10).  


7. Enhanced transition arrangements will be planned for children with SEND moving from another Nursery or Childcare setting and for those children moving from Crossens Nursery School to Primary School. This will usually involve face to face meetings between current and welcoming settings, parents and any other professionals involved. 

 8. As an inclusive school it is important to us that children with SEND are enabled to access activities available to and with children without SEND. In addition to this there may be planned small group or one to one interventions for children focused on accelerating learning and addressing the targets identified.  


9. Crossens Nursery School is a modern, purpose built Nursery building and as such is fully accessible. Where required, adaptations will be made to the curriculum or learning environment in order to ensure that children with SEND are fully included.  


10. Staff access training in response to children’s identified needs. The school also has access to and makes regular use of referral routes for a number of agencies to support children and their families; LA SEND Teams (including Educational Psychology and Sensory Support or Early Help) and Speech and Language Therapy Services. Use of these external referral pathways can be triggered by a number of concerns, these can include;

a.    parent/carers concerns

b.    if the child is making little or no progress despite differentiated class teaching approaches that have given targeted support

c.    if the child continues to work at levels below those of other children of a similar age

d.    if a child presents emotional / behavioural / communication concerns or has physical / sensory needs, the expertise and training of staff to support children and young people with SEN, including how specialist expertise will be secured. 
The School's senior leaders will liaise with the local authority, following established processes, in order to ensure the necessary resources are available to promote the learning and development of children with SEND.  


11. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the provision made for children and young people with SEND takes place through the regular reviews of their Individual Education Plan and the termly progress monitoring that takes place for all children. Additional information about the progress of children with SEND is gained through the use of a ‘small steps tracker’.


Children at Crossens Nursery School who have SEND are supported to make good progress relative to their starting points:


  •  In 2020-21 children with SEND accounted for 7% of the cohort.
  • The learning and development of these children was targeted through differentiated and focused teaching, combined with  personalised support plans which prioritise next steps in their learning.
  • Progress reviews evidence the impact of the school on supporting these children to achieve the targets set for their learning and development and to make good progress during the year.  
  • Progress was also tracked against ‘Early Years Outcomes’ which evidenced that although this group of children started school with attainment significantly below the expectation for their age, by the time they left to start Reception Class they had made substantial progress when compared with their starting points and their well-established learning behaviour had prepared them very well for Reception Class expectations. 


 12. In the Early Years children’s personal, social and emotional development is prioritised and where appropriate extra pastoral support arrangements for listening to the views of children and young people with SEN and measures to prevent bullying behaviour will be planned. 
Complaints Procedure   If a parent feels that the school has not met their child’s educational needs, they should: · discuss their concerns with the class teacher · consult with the SENDCO if their concerns continue · consult with the Headteacher/SEN governor · follow the school Complaints Procedure 
The contact details of support services for the parents/carers of pupils with SEN visit: 
Information on where the local authority's local offer is published visit: 
Or you can contact the Early Years Team on 0151 934 2347. For further information please refer to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy in the Policies section of this Website 



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