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For our 2 Year Olds:

We aim for our children leave our Purple Room with more language, improved listening skills, some independence and much more confidence as they prepare to begin their journey into our three and four year old provision. Children leave Purple Room with a sparked interest in mark making, a stronger core and more developed fine motor skills.

We focus on the three prime areas and we set three Destinations as our milestones for the end of the Purple Room journey. This helps us to ensure that children have the skills needed in order to be ready for their next step into the ‘Big Room’.

The three destinations for the end of the Purple Room journey are: Positive Sense of Self; Budding Communicators and Curious Explorers.

For our 3 & 4 Year Olds:

We intend for our children to be happy, caring, considerate and curious learners who are confident to attempt challenge, build resilience and feel secure within themselves. Our mission is to ensure that all children leave our school having established firm foundations on the path to a successful and fulfilling life.

Our ‘Crossens Curriculum’ is mapped as 5 set ‘destinations’ which we deem to be the priority goals for our pupils at the end of their journey here with us: to have a positive sense of self and be able to co- and self-regulate; to be respectful, kind and caring; to be confident communicators; to have confidence and independence; and to love to learn.

Each destination involves various ‘vehicles to get there’, facilitated by our team. Age-appropriate learning opportunities (relevant to OUR children in THEIR world) are adapted to suit the increasing range of needs for our children post-pandemic, as children may have missed potential learning moments as a result of lockdowns etc.