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These photographs will give you a flavour of the activities

the children have enjoyed over the last week.


We have been working on various PLODs amongst all our other activities. PLOD stands for 'Possible Lines of Development'. Each week one or two PLODs will be running across the nursery where adults will work with children and support them to develop their learning skills. These PLODs may be triggered by the children's interests or a challenge provided by an adult. Returning to this PLOD throughout the week allows the children to get more from the experience, as well as providing opportunities for further planning and reflection.

Last week the children were working on a clay PLOD, exploring the properties of the material and how they could manipulate it and, therefore, model things with it. Some children used the tools to change the shape of the clay, others preferred to use their fingers. Some created objects, others used it to tell stories and their own 'small worlds'. For some children it was an opportunity to experiment and see what would happen when mixed with things like water.


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