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These photographs will give you a flavour of the activities

the children have enjoyed over the last week.


We have been working on various PLODs amongst all our other activities. PLOD stands for 'Possible Lines of Development'. Each week one or two PLODs will be running across the nursery where adults will work with children and support them to develop their learning skills. These PLODs may be triggered by the children's interests or a challenge provided by an adult. Returning to this PLOD throughout the week allows the children to get more from the experience, as well as providing opportunities for further planning and reflection.

The children have been working very hard developing their own ice cream van with our Resident Artists, Sharon and Andy Shaw. This has involved them planning and constructing the vehicle but also practising key fine motor skills and problem solving their way through challenges, for example when Arlo identified that there was no hand break! The children enjoyed putting their woodwork skills into practice with Mr Cutting, making icecreams and ice lollies, that they could buy and sell. This has led to lots of cooperative roleplay and even imaginary icecreams have helped us feel cooler during our recent hot weather.


Some of the children have also had a go learning how to do close observational drawings as part of their PLOD in the conservatory this week. This involved the children examining the items they chose to draw before running their fingers over all the surfaces and edges to get a sense of texture and lines. Some did a 'blinder' version of their drawing which meant that they learnt about the importance of observing the item closely and focusing less on their own marks. Finally the children were able to do their drawings, developing them as they wished. The children engaged very well throughout and gained a richer sense of the value of reflection and concentration, amongst the others skills described above.


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