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Admission to Crossens Nursery School


Admissions Criteria

The total number of nursery places available for pre-school aged children is a maximum of 90 part time places and up to 8, 2 year olds at any one time.

The Governors will not place any restriction on admissions for any one academic year unless the number of children for whom admission is sought is likely to exceed this number.


Access to the free offer of 15 or 30 hours Early Education:


  • Children aged two can access provision in two ways; paid session or access to the free entitlement to 15 hours Early Education (criteria for this offer must be met)

  • Children are eligible to access the Free Universal Entitlement to Nursery Education (30 or 15 hours) at the beginning of the term after their third Birthday.

  • The 15 hour offer is universal

  • To be eligible for the 30 hour offer parents must:

  1. earn the equivalent of 16 hours at the National Minimum Wage or the National Living Wage

  2. earn less than £100,000 each

  3. both be working, unless it is a single parent family.

  • If places are available we may admit children at the beginning of the term or half term in which they become 3 (We refer to these children as rising threes). In these cases, the start date will be agreed between Nursery Staff and parents based on the child’s readiness to begin Nursery Education. Rising threes will be able to access 15 hours free. They will be able to take up the 30 hour offer, if eligible at the start of the term following their third birthday.
  • Vacancies occurring between these admission dates will be filled immediately, usually from the waiting list
  • Governors have reserved a limited number of places for children of families eligible for 30 hours free early education.
  • 30 and 15 hour places will be filled by families wishing to take up the full offer in the first instance and then on a first come first served basis.
  • The governing board aims to provide each 3 year old child with a minimum of three terms nursery education
  • A waiting list is in place and names from the completed application forms are entered on the waiting list, on or after the child’s second birthday
  • Children’s names are moved between sections of the waiting list as places become available
  • The waiting list is ordered according to the termly and half termly dates of admission, with children allocated to a date according to age or of date of application for a place


In order to ensure that you and your child get the best from the Nursery Education we provide:


  • All children and families will access an induction programme to support children’s entry to the Nursery School.
  • Irregular attendance without sufficient explanation may, at the discretion of the Headteacher and governing body, be construed as grounds for a child’s withdrawal from the nursery
  • Appropriate medical and personal information about children admitted must be made available to the Headteacher and all staff at Crossens Nursery School and will be treated as confidential
Prioritisation of places

In the event that demand for places exceeds supply Governors will admit by use of the following criteria which are listed in priority order:


  1. Children in the care of the Local Authority
  2. Children with siblings attending the school at the time of admission
  3. Children who live closest to the Nursery School, based on the proximity of their home address to the school. Distance will be measured on an ordinance survey map as a straight line.
  4. Children who attend our Under 3’s Education service at the time of admission. Should places be filled within this category, children who have attended for the longest period of time will receive priority.
  5. Children who take up the full offer (15 hours or 30 hours)
  6. Ten per cent of places for any admission date to be filled at the discretion of the Headteacher and governing body e.g. Children Looked After, Special Educational Needs



To apply for a place, please complete the admission form below and either return a hard copy to the school office or email the completed document to

Opening times

  • Monday – Friday: 7:45am - 3:45pm
  • Term Time Only

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