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These photographs will give you a flavour of the activities

the children have enjoyed over the last week.


We have been working on various PLODs amongst all our other activities. PLOD stands for 'Possible Lines of Development'. Each week one or two PLODs will be running across the nursery where adults will work with children and support them to develop their learning skills. These PLODs may be triggered by the children's interests or a challenge provided by an adult. Returning to this PLOD throughout the week allows the children to get more from the experience, as well as providing opportunities for further planning and reflection.

The children have come back to nursery (and some have started) full of ideas and energy. It has been wonderful to hear all their news!


One of last week's PLODs was based in the sand area. The children were thinking about networks - rivers, roads, railways, bridges, pipes and tunnels. They worked together building their own rivers and roads, railways and bridges. This involved a lot of teamwork and communication, as well as children sharing experiences and knowledge. In the photos below you will see the children working out how to make a wandering river, a footbridge, a road/rail tunnel and an underground waterpipe system. 


This week the children have been excited to discover a mysterious little door in one of the trees outside. Being very curious about who may live behind it they have been writing letters and drawing pictures for whatever lives there, as well as making things for them, including a fire to cook their food, a television to watch and a house to live in!

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