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These photographs will give you a flavour of the activities

the children have enjoyed over the last week.


We have been working on various PLODs amongst all our other activities. PLOD stands for 'Possible Lines of Development'. Each week one or two PLODs will be running across the nursery where adults will work with children and support them to develop their learning skills. These PLODs may be triggered by the children's interests or a challenge provided by an adult. Returning to this PLOD throughout the week allows the children to get more from the experience, as well as providing opportunities for further planning and reflection.

At nursery the word we use for the children's play is 'work'. This is not to limit the children's self-expression but to emphasise to them how they are always learning in all that they do. Our Fascinated Five puppets are key to supporting the children in their work as they support the children's attitudes towards themselves and learning. 


Here are two examples of how the children learn in their self-initiated work. Some of the children began exploring some 'linking camels' that we have in the nursery. This developed into thinking about patterns and perimeters as well as cooperative play. It also supported their imaginative thinking. "What do you think it looks like?", they were asked, "a shoe!" exclaimed Georgie.


Developing from their work in our bakery roleplay area several of the children decided to put on a party. They had to plan what was needed and think how they were going to put their plans into action. Each child brought something unique to the experience and and at the same time learnt different things or practiced key skills.

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